Pedagogical and user interface usability evaluation of an educational mobile app that promotes visual literacy.

Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Año de publicación2020
AuthorsHuilcapi-Collantes, C, Martín, AHernández, Hernández-Ramos, JP
Nombre de la ConferenciaTEEM'20: Eighth International Conference on Technological Ecosystems for Enhancing Multiculturality
Fecha de publicación10/2020

Visual is a mobile app designed and developed to use as a resource to support a blended learning course of visual literacy for in-service teachers. The main goal of the Visual app is to help participants to achieve better comprehension about the theoretical content by doing the app activities. Hence, as a personal learning environment, the quality of this resource should be evaluated to identify flaws and to improve the educational content and the interface if necessary. In consequence, users will learn with the app and do not waste time learning how to use it or doing activities without an educational purpose.

This paper presents the results of the pedagogical and user interface usability evaluation of the Visual mobile app. Five judges were asked to assess the app by using a questionnaire to evaluate the quality of M-learning apps. This instrument assesses both pedagogical and user interface usability. Results confirm that the Visual app current version works as a minimum viable product, so it reaches the learning objectives set and has a user interface that makes easy the navigation and the usage.