The Efficiency of a Basic Science MOOC in Spanish to Improve the SocialRepresentation of Climate Change

Publication TypeJournal Article
Año de publicación2020
AuthorsE. Lagos, F, Martínez-Abad, F, C. Méndez, R
JournalCommunication & Methods
Start Page21
Fecha de publicación10/11/2020
ISSNISSN: 2659-9538
KeywordsClimate Change Education; massive online opencourses (MOOCs), Education, environmental education, Social Representation (SR)

Climate Change (CC) is the greatest threat to our society, but although science presents evidence of the magnitude of the problem and accurately describes the consequences, people are not acting enough. The reason behind this paradox could be the inappropriate Social Representation (SR) on CC in society and may explain why there are still skeptical and denialist beliefs, as well as their inadequate communication. A quasiexperimental design with pre-test and post-test verified whether well-designed MOOCs based on scientific evidence can improve SR on CC, generating awareness and effective mobilization to address this important issue.

Original PublicationLa eficiencia de un MOOC de Ciencia básica en español para mejorar la representación social del Cambio Climático