The proposal presented here is a research project integrated into the framework of the R+D+i EDU 2012-34000, which plans to carry out an assessment of the development of key competences in students and teachers who belong to Secondary Education, and to implement formative programs for the development of key competences based on the use of ICT.

This study aims to validate an assessment instrument that measures the current level of information literacy based on international standards and adapted to the Spanish curriculum, for students who belong to the second cycle of Compulsory Secondary Education.

In the first phase, the research shows the process of compilation of rules handbooks published that are related to the information literacy. Together with the comparison between the table of specifications, the curriculum of Compulsory Secondary Education in Spain, which results in 42 standards, and the selection of key standards with numeric criteria.

From the application of a non-experimental design of type ex-post-facto, it shows the standards finally selected at the end of the valuation process based on three criteria: international standards, curricular aspects and valuation on behalf of highly qualified judges.