Use of an Infocenter to Improve the Management and Understanding of Project-Based Learning Robotics

Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Año de publicación2011
AuthorsPittí Patiño, K, Curto, B, García, J, Moreno, V, Ontiyuelo, R
Nombre de la Conferencia2nd International Conference on Robotics in Education (RiE 2011)
PublisherINNOC – Austrian Society for Innovative Computer Sciences
Conference LocationVienna, Austria
Keywordsinfocenter, NXT Workshop, project-based learning, projectmanagement, robotics

Robotics allows the implementation of a variety of interesting experiments in conjunction with the methodology of Project-Based Learning (PBL). It has the potential to become an ideal tool in the teaching of a wide variety of scientific and technological disciplines. Furthermore, the student is brought closer to the reality of the professional world through the completion of a project. However, when applying this methodology in an extra-curricular robotics workshop, it is important to bear in mind the following question: how can we ensure that the participants are fully aware of the stages involved in a project and have a realistic experience of projectmanagement?

In this article the use of a tool inspired by the world of business will be explained. We have decided to call it an ‘infocenter’. It is a strategy designed to enhance the effective management of the project and also the feeling of forming part of a team which is central to carrying out a project. To allow an evaluation of its usefulness the experimental results from the implementation of this strategy during the NXT Baby Sumo workshop are presented. Through the evaluation of the participants and the instructor, it is shown how the infocenter can be adjusted to suit this purpose.

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