Computational thinking competences training for primary education teachers

Publication TypeConference Paper
Año de publicación2021
AuthorsCollado Sánchez, M, García-Peñalvo, FJ, Pinto-Llorente, AMaría
Nombre de la ConferenciaNinth International Conference on Technological Ecosystems for Enhancing Multiculturality
PublisherInstitute of Educational Sciences
Conference LocationBarcelona
KeywordsComputational thinking, primary education, Programming, robotics, TEACHER TRAINING, teachers

This article provides a summary of a research plan as part of the "educational robotics" line of research of the doctoral plan for training in the Knowledge Society. The main objective of the research plan is to propose a curricular approach of Computational Thinking (CT) competences through active methodologies in Primary Education classrooms. It is a study with a mixed methodology to obtain more detailed results; the quantitative phase consists of the development of a MOOC for teacher training in CT, evaluated through questionnaires, and the qualitative phase, a didactic proposal in which these competencies are developed, evaluated through interviews, or focus groups. Thus, we start from a state of the art where it is reflected, on the one hand, that teacher training in CT competences causes positive feedback in Primary Education classrooms and, on the other hand, the need to carry out this training and include CT, programming, and robotics in educational curricula. 

Título TraducidoCurso de formación en competencias de pensamiento computacional para profesores de educación primaria