Knowledge Management Approaches and Their Contributions to the Generation and Management of Innovation

Publication TypeBook Chapter
Año de publicación2015
Authorsda Silva, E, Valentim, MLP
EditorLeal Jamil, G, Lopes, SM, da Silva, AM, Ribeiro, F
Título de LibroHandbook of Research on Effective Project Management through the Integration of Knowledge and Innovation
PublisherIGI Global
Keywords“Innovation System”, “Knowledge Economy and Learning”, “Knowledge Management”, “Lifelong Learning”, “Models of Knowledge Management”, “National Innovation System”, “Organization Knowledge”., “Organizational Environments for Innovation”

This chapter presents considerations about the importance of innovation in organizational environments and highlights the role of knowledge in innovation creation. It is observed in the base activities related to the innovation systems, the constant presence of processes centered in learning, building, and knowledge sharing, whereas knowing knowledge management processes and promoting its implementation, both in the innovation systems scope and in the innovation systems agents scope, shows up as an alternative promoter for successful innovation systems deployment, development, and support, and, therefore, for the generation and management of innovation in their respective context. It emphasizes the relevance of knowledge sharing within the scope of innovation systems, where the knowledge management implan- tation is an essential strategy to the organizations that aim to maintain themselves in the competitive current market. For this purpose, it presents some approaches and models that have been devoted to the theme, aiming to promote knowledge management in organizational environments, as well as showing innovation contribution.