The digital reading as a product of the evolution of information

Publication TypeConference Paper
Año de publicación2013
AuthorsDantas, TR
EditorGarcía-Peñalvo, FJ
Nombre de la ConferenciaConference Proceedings of the First International Conference on Technological Ecosystem for Enhancing Multiculturality - TEEM '13
Fecha de publicaciónnoviembre/2013
PublisherACM Press
Conference LocationSalamanca, Spain

Multimedia, hypertext,  multiples screens, the  act of reading is getting increasingly digital. It is possible to observe the strong growth in the usage of electronic devices for access and retrieving information. The life cycle of a book goes by the need to undergo certain changes, which are necessary for proper adjustment to the new reality presented. More than ever, it is essential to analyze the correlation between the formats of electronic publications and reading  platforms  and  reading  levels  in  the  context  of  the evolution of information. This paper considers thus these points as the basis for put digital reading as a productive way of read and concludes that the functionality of this type of reading is entirely dependent on the correct orientation of these aspects.