Data that is used to investigate the rights of children with additional support needs (and their parents) in schools

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02/21/2019 - 16:00 to 18:00
Sheila Riddell, Elisabet Weedom
Aula 12A (IUCE)

In this seminar we will examine the use of qualitative and quantitative data used to investigate the rights of children with additional support needs. We will draw on a number of research projects that we have carried/are carrying out in this area to provide examples of how the data is used. Prof. Sheila Riddell will focus on qualitative data and on how to work with children in order to gather their views; Prof. Elisabet  Weedom will explain the use of surveys and publicly available statistics that can be used to contextualise the qualitative data. Our aim is to provide an overview of these different types of methods and to demonstrate that in order to carry out research in schools both types of data are needed.

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