Third Age Universities in Portugal and Brazil: Characterization, Motivation and Health Impact

Publication TypeJournal Article
Año de publicación2018
AuthorsJacob, L, Pocinho, R, Tôrres, L
JournalInternational Journal of Geriatrics and Gerontology
IssueDOI: 10.29011/2577-0748. 18001
Fecha de publicación04/2018
Other NumbersDOI: 10.29011/2577-0748. 18001

Given the growth in the number of senior universities in Portugal and in Brazil, we think it is important to know the audi-ence who frequents these institutions, their motivations, the health impact and whether there are significant differences betweenthe two countries. The authors have created a survey that was applied in person in Portugal and in the State of Goiás in Brazil.With this study it was possible to trace the profile of the students who attend the Senior Universities (US or U3A) in Portugaland in one of the universities open to Seniors (UNATI) in Brazil.We now know that are essentially women, aged 60-75 years and of all social and educational levels. As for the motivesare essentially the conviviality, get active and learn. No significant differences were found between the two countries, in groupsand in the motivations, with exception to the marital status and the number of courses attended.