TAM, Assessment, and Mobile Technologies: A Study of Teachers’ Acceptance in Higher Education

Publication TypeConference Paper
Año de publicación2023
AuthorsOrtiz-López, A, Olmos-Miguelánez, S, Sánchez-Prieto, JC
EditorGarcía-Peñalvo, FJ, García-Holgado, A
PublisherSpringer Nature Singapore
Conference LocationSingapore

Assessment processes and the digital transition are one of the main challenges for educational institutions in roadmaps and future development plans, in an education that tends to digitize teaching at a dizzying pace. In this rapid transition, it is essential to pay attention to the importance of knowing teachers' acceptance of the changes that are implemented, as it is they who will ultimately decide the methodologies followed in a classroom. Therefore, it can be deduced that, without correct acceptance, the challenges will not be met. This doctoral thesis is actually carrying out the design of a model that, based on the most relevant acceptance models, can predict, and study the factors that condition the use of mobile devices in assessment by teachers. This knowledge will make it possible to address the specific factors that will influence future teacher training policies, both in basic training stages and in continuing education, with the aim of facilitating the digital transition, removing the barriers that teachers observe and moving towards a new era in education, mediated by technology and with assessment at the center of the process.