Signature pedagogy in music education through the implementation of small private online course

Publication TypeConference Paper
Año de publicación2021
AuthorsKarkina, S, Kuznetsova, L
Nombre de la Conferencia15th INTED
Fecha de publicación03/2021
PublisherINTED Proceedings
Conference LocationSpain
KeywordsEducation, Music, music education, online course, Signature Pedagogy, Small Private Online Course, SPOC

The paper introduces the possibilities of implementation an online course based on the technology of Small Private Online Course (SPOC) as a signature pedagogy in music education. Design of the online course based on the Signature Pedagogy allowed to offer each student individual subject area according to professional interests which had a positive impact on keeping students` attention, motivation to active learning and abilities to make creative decisions. The research is based on the signature pedagogy as an approach. This concept was introduced by L.Shulman. According to his works authors try to find key ideas of music teaching that will reflect the way of thinking of professional musicians and allow to establish the most progressive methods of learning for future music teachers.

The structure of online course was created by the implement of the technology of SPOC (Small Private Online Course). It included information (lectures, books, articles), resources for the interaction (forum, chat), collection of students works for exchanging of experience and collaborate work in research area.

The result data were collected from tests results and analysis of questionnaires by quantitative and statistical experimental methods. The results of the level of musical knowledge and value orientations were increase in the second distance learning group, but not in the first traditional group. Based on the experimental research work were concluded that online learning course based on SPOC is a perspective way for develop education system.