A Personalised Support Centre for Mathematics in Engineering Adapted to Students' Preferences, Knowledge and Needs

Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Año de publicación2023
AuthorsGomes, A, Bigotte de Almeida, ME
Nombre de la Conferencia2023 IEEE Global Engineering Education Conference (EDUCON)
Fecha de publicación05/2023
Keywordscalculus, Engineering Education, Learning Styles, Moodle Platform

More and more students are reaching higher education courses with deficiencies in terms of mathematical knowledge. These deficits are reflected in various curricular units. In this paper we report the studies that have been developed to solve the problems in Differential and Integral Calculus. Thus, a physical support centre and a virtual platform were created. Students attending the first one were submitted toa specific diagnostic test in order to detect their difficulties and thus to be able to develop appropriate and personalized activities in that centre, under the supervision of a mathematical specialist. At the physical space, students can develop similar activities, but autonomously and without supervision. In this platform, the contents are made available according to the students' learning preferences and their cognitive and affective level. Accessibility aspects were also implemented so that any student with any type of impairment could use the platform.