An overview of the evolution of civil engineering education towards sustainability in Portugal

Publication TypeConference Paper
Año de publicación2022
AuthorsSousa Silva, PJorge, Felgueiras, MC, Caetano, NS
Nombre de la ConferenciaTechnological Ecosystems for Enhancing Multiculturality TEEM 2022

Education is essential to prepare future professionals, preparing them for the labor market, by providing knowledge and practical experiences. The model that trains these professionals becomes crucial for professionals to adapt to the current needs of this market, which in itself is competitive and dynamic, so it is always in constant change of priorities and needs. It is undeniable that environmental and sustainability issues have become essential aspects in the performance of any business at a global level. Particularly, the concern with sustainability becomes evident in the field of civil engineering, due to the need of optimization of use of resources (raw materials, energy and water), that can have a huge impact on the environment, resulting both from reduction of consumption of resources, and pollutants emissions. Therefore, the MSc courses should have two levels of education on sustainability: at the multidisciplinary level, Higher Education schools should offer courses specifically dedicated to sustainable development and sustainability should be analysed globally; at the disciplinary level, each course should include the basic related concerns with sustainability issues. This work surveys civil engineering courses in Portugal and analyzes how subjects related to SDGs are directly or indirectly present in the respective curricula.

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