O panorama midiático na Venezuela: censura, confronto e crise

Publication TypeJournal Article
Año de publicación2019
AuthorsBlanco-Herrero, D, Arcila-Calderón, C
Start Page73
Fecha de publicación05/2019

The social, political, and economic crisis that affect the Venezuelan population is also visible in the field of communication. This sector suffers under three main problems: economic crisis, which makes it difficult for several media to survive and also the development of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs); the socio-political polarization, which makes most media to have a strongly ideological position in for or against the government, resulting in low credibility; and censorship and state control, which prevents the existence of free and independent media, often leading to self-censorship. This article uses data from the Media Landscapes Report on Venezuela (ARCILA & BLANCO-HERRERO, 2019) in order to deepen the debate regarding those problems and to analyze alternatives that, although still distant and insufficient, could contribute to the survival or the improvement of the communication sector in Venezuela. It highlights the proliferation of digital media as an expedient to get way from censorship and state control, the effort of professional organizations that defend the rights of journalists and communicators, and a feasible political change due to the efforts of the population, hungry for information.