A lei N.º10.639/2003: educação antirracista e regime de informação

Publication TypeJournal Article
Año de publicación2022
Authorsde Oliveira, DS
JournalRevista Olhares Múltiplos em Ciência da Informação
Volumenversión especial
Fecha de publicación30/05/2022

It addresses the historical context through which the project and development of Law n.º 10.639 of January 2003 takes place, which deals with the obligatory nature of the discipline on Afro-Brazilian History and Culture. It seeks to perceive why the article was vetoed from the original text of the LDB/1996 being approached late. It relies on the concept of information regime to identify the power relations present in that context in order to understand why the agenda was not included in the legal text and how civil society, specifically the Black Movement, mobilized to revert to the issue. It uses exploratory research as a methodology to observe the problems that resulted in the non-inclusion of this agenda in the body of the general law of national education, an issue that reproduces a lack of importance on the question of black people as a historical agent and trainer of Brazilian culture.

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