The lack of environmental education in the training of environmental engineers in Colombia

Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Año de publicación2020
AuthorsCastellanos, PMAcosta, Queiruga-Dios, A, Castro Ortegon, A
Nombre de la ConferenciaSEFI 47 th Annual Conference
Fecha de publicación04/2020
Keywordsenvironmental education

Environmental education has become an important tool for human formation, especially in basic cycles such as primary and secondary school,
which tends to transform human actions on nature, based on multidisciplinary knowledge that supports decision-making, generating a
change in social behavior achieving recovery, conservation and preservation of the environment. Higher education is more complex to treat
environmental education, then, although it is increasingly common to see degree or undergraduate programs that have environmental content
academic spaces in their curricula, these develop specific skills of each occupation, therefore, it is almost non-existent observe environmental
education immersed in these curricula. In environmental engineering, although its name would be assumed to have introduced environmental
education, were found evidence that in general demonstrate the opposite, a lack or nonexistence of this in its formation. Based on an analysis of the curriculum, objectives and graduation profiles, there was a lack of nuclei or academic spaces that involve environmental education in these undergraduate engineering, and it could be related that this deficiency is  due to a certain extent that this career evolved in Latin America of sanitary engineering, which sought to address problems related to basic sanitation, product of the economic development characteristics of these countries, then, environmental engineering inherits too much the technique of the sanitary, leaving little space in the study plans for environmental and ecological issues.

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