Intercultural and Global Competencies Development to Foster Professional Collaboration among Countries: Doctoral Thesis Research Project.

Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Año de publicación2020
AuthorsGuillén-Yparrea, N, Ramírez-Montoya, MS
Nombre de la ConferenciaInternational Conference on Technological Ecosystems for Enhancing Multiculturality (TEEM'20)
Fecha de publicación10/2020
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Currently, we are more connected than ever because of developments in information and communication technologies. Physical barriers no longer obstruct interacting, collaborating, and relating to people anywhere in the world. The development of intercultural competencies allows the individual to have proper knowledge and understanding of different cultures and interact and relate effectively in different multicultural settings.

The purpose of this document is to show the current status of the doctoral thesis about the development of intercultural and global competencies in university students through an innovative educational model that promotes collaboration among students of different nationalities. To help understand the problem on which the research topic focuses, we present a status report on the review of the literature and the integrated, sequential-explanatory design of a mixed-methodology for collecting quantitative and qualitative data. With the results, we expect to propose an innovative, technologically-based educational model that promotes intercultural and global competencies in higher education students. This research progress report explains the theoretical contributions to the construction of the framework and the methodology.