Innovative public policies in the development of reading skills in basic education: Regarding the systematic mapping protocol

Publication TypeBook Chapter
Año de publicación2020
AuthorsHonorato-Errázuriz, J, Soledad, R-MMaria
Título de Libro Proceedings of TEEM'20: Eighth International Conference on Technological Ecosystems for Enhancing Multiculturality

Innovative public policies, focused on the development of reading skills, are today urgently
required in basic education, in Latin America, as a result of the Pandemic. A global
a greement is that i mproving comprehensive reading in the first years of school ing is a
fundamental key to the development of countries This article focuses on the evidence of
the literature published in the last four years (2015 and 2020) on innovation in public
reading policies will contribute with future studies or practical expe riences in such a way
as to accelerate the reading learning process. Systematic mapping was used, reviewing 233
articles that were published in two databases: Web of Sciencie (W oS and Scopus.
Inclusion, exclusion and quality criteria were applied to ob tain the maximum of relevant
information on the topic and the results show the type of methodology and evaluation
used on it the most cited articles, the journals and their impact index where they were
published, the geographical distribution of the auth ors, application contexts and the topics
This mapping is presented as a challenge for educational policy makers and in particular
for those who focus on reading skills, providing evidence to generate transferable models
to accelerate learning a nd educational change evaluating the progress so required by this
society in the current situation identify challenges and contexts of influence, as well as
establish a database of scientific studies to support future research.