Improvement of students professional musical skills through the implementation of the model of musical pedagogical content knowledge

Publication TypeConference Paper
Año de publicación2021
AuthorsKarkina, S, Roza, V
Nombre de la Conferencia15th INTED
Fecha de publicación03/2021
PublisherINTED Proceedings
Conference LocationSpain
Keywordsdistance learning, model, music education, professional skills, training program

This case study explored the potential for using Moodle as an online tool that promotes enhanced learning in education. Application of the model of music teacher professional skills named of Musical Pedagogical Content Knowledge consists of three part: music, pedagogic and content resulted in the conceptual understanding of these parts on three permeable spheres of activity: Musical Content Knowledge, Pedagogical Content Knowledge, Musical Pedagogical Knowledge. This model has been tested in the training course for music teachers during the 8 months in online and offline format. The first group studied in traditional classroom where they were attended lecture and creative-performing classes. The second group used Moodle resource includes a large number of digital contents and activities: lectures, tests, assessment, creative tasks, different forms of communicative activity. As a result of the experience the students from second group demonstrated more activity and aspiration to improvement of knowledge, better understanding of pedagogical principles of music teacher's professional skills than the first group where the improvement of artistic individuality and performing skills was the priority. Based on these results it might be feasible to provide musical classes with online resources to support appropriate pedagogical knowledge to facilitate accessibility of teacher qualification and education.