Implementation of a Signature Pedagogy in an Online Course for Music Teachers (Внедрение характерной педагогики в виде онлайн курса для учителей музыки)

Publication TypeConference Paper
Año de publicación2023
AuthorsKarkina, S
EditorDyganova, E
Nombre de la ConferenciaThe Learning Ideas Conference, TLIC 20

The paper presents the implementation of the signature pedagogy at the university by the means of online learning used for music education as a teaching strategy. Based on the literature review was stated the gap in research works covering learning strategies in music education which would allow students to take a more active role in getting knowledge in accordance with personal needs. Due to the shifting the educational process to the online way in the emergency situation COVID19 pandemic the relevance of online courses which will satisfy future music teachers' educational goals extremely increased. The comparative analysis of music education standards in USA, European countries [removed for blind review] let us determine the set of teachers` professional activities in general school music class. Three dimensions of the signature pedagogy for music education were characterized. The main contribution was the design of a small private online course based on the signature pedagogy which was delivered by the set of lectures, internet resources, collection of students' performance works, collaborative work in the professional field, and discussion of the learning experience. This course was implemented at Kazan Federal University. The experimental work was used a questionnaire of students self-perception of their professional readiness. The obtained results proved the effectiveness of the online course which provided learning activities according to the specific features of music teacher professional practice.

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