Implementation of Signature Pedagogy in Music Teacher Education by the means of Small Private Online Course

Publication TypeConference Paper
Año de publicación2021
AuthorsKarkina, S, Roza Valeeva, Mena, JJ, Kuznetsova, L
Nombre de la Conferencia9th International Conference on Technological Ecosystems for Enhancing Multiculturality (TEEM 2021) (Barcelona, Spain, October 27-29, 2021)
PublisherACM, New York, NY, USA
Conference LocationSpain

The paper demonstrates the advantages of the professional pedagogy improvement by the means of the signature pedagogy developed by Shulman. The research work was based on the systematic review of 120 papers. Through this work were established that most authors designed a new set of methods for the implementation of the signature pedagogy in the educational practice in order to reflect the unique character of any professional activity and the meaning of human capacity in personal professional development. In the study were characterized three dimensions of the signature pedagogy in musical education including surface, deep and implicit structure. These dimensions were implemented by the means of SPOC (Small Private Online Course), which structure included lectures, internet resources, collection of students' works for exchanging of experience and collaborate work in the research area. The study involved 306 from first to fourth grades students of music teacher bachelor’s degree program from two universities: Kazan Federal University (Kazan) (156 students) and I.Yakovlev Chuvash State Pedagogical University (Cheboksary) (150 students). The experimental data were collected from tests results and analysis of questionnaires by quantitative and statistical methods. The results of the level of musical knowledge and value orientations were increased in the student's group who learned by online course based on signature pedagogy, but not in the traditional group. Based on the experimental research work were concluded that online learning course based on SPOC is a perspective way for developing education system.

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