Identificando ligações entre o Records in Context e o Records Continuum: análise da multidimensionalidade comum aos modelos

Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Año de publicación2019
AuthorsSouza, MVB, Moro Cabero, MM
Nombre de la ConferenciaVI Reunião Brasileira de Ensino e Pesquisa em Arquivologia (REPARQ)
Número de Volúmenes1
Fecha de publicación11/2019
Conference LocationBelém, Pará, Brasil
Keywordsdescrição arquivística, descripción archivística, Gestão de documentos, Gestión de documentos, modelo conceitual, modelo conceptual, Records Continuum, Records in Context

The establishment of a new international standard of archival description is in course, with the International Council of Archives (ICA) initiative. The previous standards, still in use, defined by the ICA are characterized by being one-dimensional and multilevel, representing the hierarchy “whole-part”, starting from the fond to the records. The conceptual model Records in Context (RiC) will allow the creation of a new standard of archival description, whose main difference is the multidimensional aspect allowing multiple connections between the entities that represent the archive. Instead of the tree representation, traditional of the hierarchy models, the RiC is presented in a graph form with the relations being the edges that connect the nodes that, which in turn, are the archives entities. The RiC is still in the process of being elaborated and has the contribution of the archival community to complete its final text, however, it has characteristics the fits in the record management model Records Continuum, established in the 1990 decade. This article explores the intersection of concepts and the common ways of treatment between the record management model and the archival description conceptual model.

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