Examples of good practices in teacher training through Erasmus+ projects

Publication TypeConference Paper
Año de publicación2022
AuthorsAlonso de Castro, MG, García-Peñalvo, FJ
Nombre de la Conferencia2022 XII International Conference on Virtual Campus (JICV)2022 XII International Conference on Virtual Campus (JICV)
Conference LocationArequipa, Peru
KeywordsCollaboration, Databases, Europe, Pandemics, Systematics, training

Teacher training plays a fundamental role in educational success, as recognized in the different studies carried out by OECD, UNESCO, the World Bank, and other prestigious institutions. The European Union and associated countries promote actions to improve the educational system and among them teacher training has an important role. One of the programs that allows the development of this type of activity is the Erasmus+ Programme. The projects of this program are the source of inspiration for the research that is being carried out in order to obtain a methodological guide for the successful use of digital technologies in education in improving learning. This article focuses on five examples of projects classified as good practice or successful experience related to teacher training as a result of the analysis that is being carried out in that research. The examples that are developed here show how to work towards a better specialization of the teaching staff and serve as inspiration to design training practices that encourage initial and continuous learning and professional improvement of teaching methods, in turn influencing the improvement of the educational system as well as teaching and learning processes. All this aimed at covering the real training needs of teachers.