eLearning, assessment and Higher Education in times of pandemic: A mapping of the literature

Publication TypeConference Paper
Año de publicación2021
AuthorsOrtiz-López, A, Olmos-Miguelánez, S, Sánchez-Prieto, JC
Nombre de la Conferencia2021 XI International Conference on Virtual Campus (JICV)2021 XI International Conference on Virtual Campus (JICV)
Fecha de publicación11/2021
Conference LocationSalamanca, Spain

At this time of pandemic in which society is immersed, the abandonment of presentiality and the educational transition to the digital environment have been the main line of action followed in educational institutions in Higher Education. In this transition, the evaluation must be regarded as a guarantee for the quality, continuity, effectiveness and efficiency of educational systems and their eLearning teachings. This research proposes a mapping of the literature with the aim of discovering the conditions of research on evaluation in eLearning during the pandemic in Higher Education. For this purpose, it is based on objective criteria for selecting publications, and the phases followed throughout all the process. The results show the growing trend in research and the necessary continuity in the study, and the opening of new lines that place evaluation at the centre of this new educational reality.