Educommunication in the context of youth and adult education in Latin America: A state of the art based on a systematic literature review

Publication TypeJournal Article
Año de publicación2019
AuthorsSena-Rivas, W
Secondary AuthorsS Martín, C, Cabezas-González, M, Barrientos, A
JournalRLCS, Revista Latina de Comunicación Social
Start Page133 to 171
Fecha de publicación1/2019
Type of ArticleEducation

Introduction: This research article presents a systematic literature review of the scientific production on the relationship between education and communication and youth and adult education in Latin America. Methods: Systematic literature review based on quantitative descriptive analysis and a qualitative approach applied on a sub-sample. Results: A total of 672 searches were carried out in the WOS and SCOPUS databases. Brazil and Mexico are the two countries most commonly taken as objects of study. In general terms, there is low scientific production in the area under study, especially when the search criteria restrict the object of study. With regards to the types of articles found, there is diversity in the formats used to disseminate research on this topic, although a dominant research design can be identified. Discussion and conclusions: Based on the 672 searches and the initial 5,420 results related to the object of study, it can be concluded that there is a very low scientific production, mainly dominated by mixed methodological techniques, with populations corresponding to countries and convenience samples; there is a preference for exploratory and heterogeneous research works. Brazil stands out as the most common object of study and there is, with some exceptions, some degree of correlation between the number of publications made by a country and the gross domestic product of such country. Finally, it is concluded that a dominant research design among the articles addressing Educommunication and youth and adult education in Latin America