Education to mobilize society for Climate Change action

Publication TypeConference Paper
Año de publicación2019
AuthorsFerrari, E, Ruiz, C, Martínez-Abad, F
Nombre de la ConferenciaSeventh International Conference on Technological Ecosystems for Enhancing Multiculturality
Fecha de publicación12/2019
Conference LocationLeón, Spain
KeywordsClimate Change Education, Education, massive online open courses (MOOCs)., Sustainability Education

Climate change (CC) is the greatest environmental, economic and political threat for society. The scientists of the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) consider that an increase of 2 ºC with respect to the temperature of the pre-industrial era is the limit for dangerous and catastrophic changes in our planet Earth. For this reason, the international community has recognized the need to improve our mitigation and adaptation policies, where education has an important role as an agent to create awareness, train and mobilize young people in the face of the challenges of Climate Change. Although the role of Education is recognized, it is not fully implemented as a strategic resource. The motivation of this project is to create an objective diagnosis of the current state of formal education on Climate Change, propose new strategies to develop the important tasks that Education must complete on this issue and finally, building new concepts and frameworks to push the role of Education as a real solution. We have introduced the new concept of Climate Competence. which organizes knowledge, awareness and skills. The work also includes creating tools to evaluate the efficiency and fitness of traditional curriculums and new education tools such as online reaching or MOOCs.

Título TraducidoLa educación para movilizar a la sociedad frente al cambio climático: La competencia climática en educación