Contemporary Issues in Technology EducationExplorations in Technology Education ResearchMedia Competence Inequality in Regular and Flexible/Distance Education Systems

Publication TypeBook Chapter
Año de publicación2019
AuthorsGonzález-Cabrera, C, Ugalde, C, Piedra, L
EditorP Williams, J, Barlex, D
Título de LibroInformation Technology and Systems. ICITS 2019. Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing,
Volumenvol 918.
EdiciónSpringer, Cham
Páginas891 - 900
PublisherSpringer Singapore
KeywordsDigital Divide, Distance education, ICT, media competence, media literacy

One of the goals of the Ecuadorian government is to reduce inequality in its society. With this goal in mind, it has established several public policies aimed at reducing the «digital divide» and at improving media literacy among the population. The aim of this study was to compare the level of media competence of students who attended flexible and distance programs with those who studied in the standard education system. We employed a questionnaire based on six dimensions to measure students’ media competence. Results obtained from 1,003 students show that competence levels were higher in five of the six dimensions in the standard education system. Male students showed higher media competence. Those over 18 demonstrated lower media competence. The study suggests the need of more research and programs along this line, with the aim of reducing the digital divide.