CITA: Promoting Technological Talent through Robotics

Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Año de publicación2012
AuthorsPittí Patiño, K, Curto, B, Moreno, V, Ontiyuelo, R
Nombre de la Conferencia3rd. International Conference on Robotics in Education
Conference LocationPrague
KeywordsCITA, Education, educational robotics, NXT Workshop, Technological Talent

Educational robotics gives us a creative way to use technology to implement solutions based on our wit and skills, and not become just consumers of technology. Educational robotics creates learning situations and environments to the application of skills and technological processes, preparing students to live and improve their environment. This article introduces a range of activities - both informal and formal education - developed by the International Centre for Advanced Technologies that allows us the proposal of a new approach of educational robotics as a support tool to explore, identify and develop the technological talent of children and young students.