Characteristics of Women Associated in Imbabura Province: Contributions for a Model of Edu-communication for Women Entrepreneurs1

Publication TypeBook Chapter
Año de publicación2021
AuthorsRuiz Chagna, C, Iglesias, A
Título de LibroApplied Technologies
Series TitleCommunications in Computer and Information Science
Número de Volúmenes1
Series Volume1388
PublisherSpringer International Publishing
Keywordsandragogy, democracy., edu-communication, entrepreneurship, gender equality, intercultural education

To achieve gender equality in Ecuador requires more effort to improve equal access for women’s employment and their integral development. To this effect, boosting entrepreneurship through training programs is required. This research characterizes women's associations in the Province of Imbabura to set a theoretical framework that builds, a posteriori, a model focused on edu-communication and non-formal education. This characterization was done by applying a mixed approach based on a field design. For this purpose, a field journal and a survey applied to 84 participants from three associations belonging to Ibarra, Urcuquí, and Cotacachi Cantons were used. The results evidence a population made up of mothers who carry out individual entrepreneurships, with less access to Information and Communication Technologies, young women with greater access to formal education; however all of them are interested in training aimed at the development of entrepreneurship competencies.

Título TraducidoCaracterísticas de las mujeres asociadas en la provincia de Imbabura: aportes para un modelo educativo para emprendedoras.