An Analysis of LGBTQIA+ University Students’ Perceptions about sexual and gender diversity

Publication TypeJournal Article
Año de publicación2021
AuthorsTinoco-Giraldo, H, Torrecilla-Sánchez, EM, García-Peñalvo, FJ
Start Page11786
Fecha de publicación10/2021
Keywordsgender diversity, inclusion; sexual diversity, LGBTQIA+, university experience

The main objective of this study was to explore the perceptions of LGBTQIA+ students

regarding sexual and gender diversity in the university context by (1) identifying conceptions about

a being LGBTQIA+ student in the higher education context, (2) researching perceptions of the stigma

and discrimination against, and inclusion of LGBTQIA+ students and (3) to recognize discourses

and scenarios identified by students in the university context regarding sexual diversity and gender

diversity, distinguishing their experiences in the classroom as well as in the university, with their

peers and with their professors. This research was based on a quantitative method, the sample

consisted of 171 students from the School of Medicine of a public university in the United States

in the state of Texas. The results showed that there is currently a greater knowledge of the subject

of sexual and gender diversity and of the spaces and resources offered by the university on the

subject compared to previous years, however, it is found that knowledge is still limited and that this

knowledge may possibly be due to the faculty in which they study.

DOI10.3390/ su132111786