Learning with mobile technologies – Students’ behavior

Publication TypeJournal Article
Año de publicación2016
AuthorsBriz-Ponce, L, Pereira, A, Carvalho, L, Juanes-Méndez, JA, García-Peñalvo, FJ
JournalComputers in Human Behavior
Fecha de publicación05/2016
Other Numbers(JCR SSCI – PSYCHOLOGY, MULTIDISCIPLINARY – Q1 (20 de 129); PSYCHOLOGY, EXPERIMENTAL – Q2 (24 de 85) – IF 2.694))
KeywordsInnovation, Medical education, mHealth, Mobile application, Mobile Learning, TAM

The increasing growth of mobile technology in our Society has become a reality. This paper was designed to research about the different factors and drivers that could influence students’ behaviour into the usage of mobile technologies for learning.

The methodology was based on a quantitative survey grounded on the Technology Acceptance Model and the Unified Theory of Acceptance and Use of Technology. Data were collected from medical students in University of Coimbra.

This model pointed to a behaviour pattern based on the experience and application by medical students, correlating with a strong attitude towards using mobile technology for learning (57%) and willingness to recommend it (40.5%).

In line with previous studies, Social Influence raised to be an important factor towards the Attitude and Behavioural Intention of using Mobile Learning. In addition, according to the results, the student’s ease of perception seems to be the main factor affecting the Social Influence (31.9%) and the reliability for recommending this technology for learning was the main factor that affected the Behavioural Intention. Findings provide support for Technology Acceptance Model and the implications of these findings are discussed within the context of Innovation in Education.

Título CortoComputers in Human Behavior