Designing and building systems and tools to analyze visual communications on social networks

Publication TypeBook Chapter
Año de publicación2015
AuthorsGarcía-Sánchez, F, Cruz-Benito, J, Therón-Sánchez, R, Gómez Isla, J
Título de LibroProceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Technological Ecosistems for Enhancing Multiculturality

The usage of visual communication is broadly extended nowadays; with the intensive usage of social networks based (partially or totally) in sharing images and visual representations, people has adopted this kind of communication as normal and develops new dimensions in the knowledge, understanding and communicating processes even without knowing clearly about this kind of communication. The usage of this visual signs and messages require in some way learning from the stakeholders involved in the communication or other information sources, and it has observed that visual communication users learn usually in a informal way and mostly by imitating the communication patterns used by influential people. This paper explains the relationships between the current usage of visual communication (and its learning) and the informal learning, explaining some examples about the relationship and main issues, and how this learning takes places in non formal and informal contexts.