Desafios e oportunidades para a formação e atuação do profissional da informação na era digital

Publication TypeBook Chapter
Año de publicación2015
AuthorsValentim, MLP, Almeida, DPR, da Silva, E
Título de LibroDesafíos y oportunidades de las Ciencias de la Información y la Documentación en la era digital: actas del VII Encuentro Ibérico EDICIC 2015
CapítuloDesafíos y oportunidades de las Ciencias de la Información y la Documentación en la era digital: actas del VII Encuentro Ibéric
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KeywordsInformation Professional; Innovation and Labor Market, lifelong learning, Professional Education, Professional Performance

Contemporary society imposes new challenges and opportunities for professionals involved in the formation of information professional, as well as for own professional work in this context. We highlight the information and communication technologies present in everyday life of society, whose impacts are significant for the formation and the performance of the information professional. The professors of Information Science field need to be better prepared to explore technological resources of different kinds, in order to provide adequate training to contemporary social demands. Prepare competent professionals to work in the Digital Age is essential and urgent, so that they can work in diversity and complexity. In addition, the information professional should be aware of the importance of learning throughout life, which constitutes a fundamental element for professional development, providing expertise and skills necessary for efficient work. It is necessary that the information professional have the perception that we experience a hybrid context that encompasses the physical to the digital, that is, multiplicity of media, supports and informational formats. From this perspective, the professional information needs to innovate and provide new products and services to Information Society targeting the social and human development and thus contributes significantly to the advancement of society, and reinforce the identity and professional recognition by that company. The professional education should focus on the objectives that the political pedagogical project of each undergraduate program as it aims to train a complete professional. The discussion presented is literature analysis result selected in order to achieve the main objective of this study, which is to focus on the education and the performance of the information professional, as well as investigate compatible learning models with a focused training for current market offering and demand constant innovation.