An Informal Learning Support Framework

Publication TypeConference Paper
Año de publicación2015
AuthorsGalanis, N
EditorMayol, E, Alier, M, Casany, MJ
Nombre de la ConferenciaResearch in Engineering Education Symposium (REES2015)
Fecha de publicación07/2015

Informal learning is widely recognized as one of the main facilitators of personal and professional improvement. Its importance is even more prevalent in contexts like engineering where the constant new technological developments create an ever evolving pool of knowledge. This recognition has led to the development of a number of tools that aim to facilitate and promote informal learning, as well as to showcase the progression and acquired competences of the learners. In this paper we detail our on-going work towards creating a software framework aiming to support informal learning by providing a set of social tools including showcasing, a recommendation engine and a peer assessment infrastructure.