Experiencia de innovación usando GeoGebra en cursos de Cálculo Multivariable

Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Año de publicación2017
AuthorsCastro Ling, CC, Rincón-Flores, EG
Nombre de la Conferencia4to. Congreso Internacional de Innovación Educativa
Fecha de publicación12/2017
PublisherTecnológico de Monterrey
Conference LocationMonterrey, Nuevo León, México.
Keywordscalculus, GeoGebra, graphs., multivariate

study reports the evidence of innovation experiences used in two Multivariate Calculus
courses, one for Engineering students and another for Social Science, Finance and
Business. The purpose is to facilitate teaching and learning to students of 3D graphic
environments. In the course for students of Social Sciences were used Applets elaborated
with GeoGebra mathematical software and augmented reality lenses to address the issue
of location of points in space and identification of octants, optimization and optimization
with restrictions. The course for engineering students incorporated the use of GeoGebra
and augmented reality lenses to address the issue of Reference Systems, particularly 3D

graphics. Finally, the evidence derived from this learning experience is quantitatively
shown to detect the benefits and areas of opportunity.