Edukscan, el software aliado para el docente en el control de clase

Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Año de publicación2017
AuthorsMartínez Cardiel, L, Rincón-Flores, EG
Nombre de la Conferencia4to. Congreso Internacional de Innovación Educativa
Fecha de publicación12/2017
PublisherTecnológico de Monterrey
Conference Location
Keywordsadministrative work, educative technology, Teaching

The use of technology has increased in recent years in the process teaching-learning,
however has not happened in the administrative work of the teacher. Activities as administration
of grades, delivery of activities, control assistance and communication with parents
are tasks that require many hours outside the classroom and sometimes become almost
impossible by the large number of students. Edukscan is a technological application that
was developed in order to facilitate these activities by reducing the processing time and
increase both time in the design and implementation of instructional strategies and timely
communication with students and parents.