Organisational Learning, Knowledge and Capabilities Conference- Liverpool, UK

Fecha de finalización: 

Organisational Learning, Knowledge and Capabilities (OLKC) annual conference in Liverpool, had three distinct elements.

First, a focus on providing an inclusive learning experience which enhances employability and inspires participants to become socially responsible citizens. Secondly, all participants were aspired to produce innovative research whit a global impact. Finally, the Conference’s cutting-edge research expertise was focused on having demonstrable impact on business and knowlege in society. 

Also, as part of the OLKC, The International Action Learning Research and Practice (ALR&P) community was running an ACTION LEARNING SYMPOSIUM. With the theme ‘Only Connect – Reaching out to other Communities’  the organisers invited a variety of contributions which highlighted, probed and advanced the idea of reaching out to other communities through action learning, in order to make a difference to the big issues and challenges that exist in the world at the present time.