Usability Evaluation of a Private Social Network on Mental Health for Relatives

Publication TypeJournal Article
Año de publicación2017
AuthorsToribio-Guzmán, JM, García-Holgado, A, Soto Pérez, F, García-Peñalvo, FJ, Franco-Martín, MA
Fecha de publicación2017/07/29

Usability is one of the most prominent criteria that must be fulfilled by a software product. This study aims to evaluate the usability of SocialNet, a private social network for monitoring the daily progress of patients by their relatives, using a mixed usability approach: heuristic evaluation conducted by experts and user testing. A double heuristic evaluation with one expert evaluator identified the issues related to consistency, design, and privacy. User testing was conducted on 20 users and one evaluator using observation techniques and questionnaires. The main usability problems were found to be related to the structure of SocialNet, and the users presented some difficulties in locating the buttons or links. The results show a high level of usability and satisfaction with the product. This evaluation provides data on the usability of SocialNet based on the difficulties experienced by the users and the expert. The results help in redesigning the tool to resolve the identified problems as part of an iterative process.

Título CortoJournal of Medical Systems