Latin American and Caribbean literature transposed into digital.

Publication TypeJournal Article
Año de publicación2017
AuthorsVila, AR
Journal Journal of Information Technology Research (JITR)
Volumen2014-2016 volume year(s)
Fecha de publicaciónin print
Keywordscartonera publishing, digital libraries., ebooks, Harold Bloom, Latin-American literature, Literary canon, sales platforms, transposition of literature



The aim of the present paper is the study of the action performed by the publishing industry in the context of the transposition into digital format of printed books comprising a Latin American and Caribbean literary corpus. The designed corpus includes works and authors labelled as a Latin American segment of the Western Canon, in addition to those segments provided by feminist, queer, postcolonial, and/or decolonization critical theories. It is described/defined the digital ecosystem to which the corpus is transposed as well as some of the strategies implemented by the major e-book trade platforms and the main digital libraries to offer Latin American and Caribbean literature transposed into digital format are described/defined.  Likewise, a reading extended to the influence of the postcolonial turn is proposed by considering cartonera publishing as a device of the postcolonial turn but, this time, widening the range of typographic forms as well as the postcolonial effect on the publishing field.

Título CortoCorpus, ecosystem, canon & cartonera publishing