Virtual Reality Medical Training System

Fecha de finalización: 

Virtual Reality techniques allow us to enter anatomical structure visualisation environments which facilitate medical training. By allowing virtual immersion in a body structure such as the interior of the cranium, stereoscopic vision goggles make these innovative teaching technologies a powerful tool for training in all areas of health sciences, in particular in the sphere of medicine. This work shows the teaching potential of applying Virtual Reality in studies of the human anatomy, where it can be used as a tool for education in medicine. The system we present, developed by the company AR Soft and the research group VisualMed Systems, allows us to enter the cranium through virtual immersion, anatomically analysing each of its component bone structures and visualising the cranium from both inside and out. Exhaustive morphological knowledge of cranial fossae is hugely important, given the increasing use of microsurgery techniques which require suitable knowledge of the detailed morphology of this anatomical structure. Our technological procedure is based entirely on software which will run in stereoscopic goggles to give users the sensation of being in a virtual environment, clearly showing the different bones and foramina which make up the cranium, and accompanied by audio explanations. This procedure allows users to carry out self-assessment, meaning it is also an outstanding training tool.