Intercultural Education with Indigenous Peoples and the Potential of Digital Technologies to Make it Happen

Publication TypeBook Chapter
Año de publicación2013
AuthorsOvide, E
Título de LibroMulticulturalism in Technology-Based Education: Case Studies on ICT-Supported Approaches
Páginas59 - 78
PublisherIGI Global
CityHershey, PA, USA

Internet and the technologies linked to it (ICTs) have greatly expanded the linguistic and cultural domains of the most widely spoken languages in our global world. At the same time, endangered languages that were already excluded from the traditional media have an even smaller presence in this larger world. However, the Web also offers a great opportunity for these languages to have a voice and a presence, as it would have not been possible before, though it is normally rather difficult for numerous reasons. This chapter seeks to create a theoretical and practical framework consisting of five steps: Documentation, Dissemination, Community, Education, and Monetization. Each of these steps considers traditional methods and tries to improve their efficiency and effectiveness by using ICTs in an interdisciplinary and holistic approach.

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