XI Jornadas Internacionales de CAMPUS VIRTUALES Salamanca (España)

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Paper: ICT methodologies for teacher professional development in Erasmus+ projects related to eLearning The European Union promotes the development of European projects that provide relevant information on the methodologies used at educational level through different programs, including the Erasmus+ Programme. These projects are the source of inspiration for the research that gives rise to this article among others. This paper focuses on how teachers’ professional development is approached using technologies within European projects related to eLearning under the umbrella of Erasmus+. The results show a greater representation of projects from the school education and vocational education and training fields. As its main results it could be highlighted that the most predominant ICT resources used by the teachers are those linked with office automation management, basic skills, and presentations as well as platforms for collaboration; those related to video and photo edition, the use of network resources and digital learning environment also stand out. Besides regarding ICT training the most frequent activities are “training by another teacher who has attended a course on ICT” and “Observation practices to other teachers who use ICT in their teaching”. Variations between educational sectors are detected that may be the reason for a more in-depth investigation. Vídeo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=25KhqjqYc0U