HCI Internacional 2022

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Presentación del artículo: Successful Erasmus+ projects: Some case studies

The analysis of successful projects provides valuable information for finding inspiration and learn from good practices to implement them in future projects. In the case of Erasmus+, there is a very rich project database with cataloged projects that allows access to them what is very useful in order to analyze the published data of good practice or success stories projects. In the research that is being carried out, reason for this article, a group of good practice or success story projects related to eLearning have been selected, they have been analyzed based on the information found on the Erasmus+ Projects Results Platform, their coordinators have been surveyed to gather more information from the projects and interviews are being carried out with those coordinators whose projects have been, and continue to be, useful beyond the funding period even in the pandemic crisis. This article presents the methodology for the interviews and the first results obtained in four of them as an example.

Keywords: Education, Technology, European projects, Interactive learning environments, electronic learning.