Periodo de la estancia: 
07/15/2019 to 09/06/2019
Unidad/Departamento de destino: 
Academic Technologies
País de la entidad: 
Estados Unidos
Objetivos de la estancia: 

The purpose of this research visit was to bring to the Baylor College of Medice (the second-largest medical school in the USA) an exceptional contribution to and enrich the community's intellectual and research endeavours and international projection into the Academic Technologies. Hence, in addition to conducting my own research, and to actively participate in a number of productive institutional activities, such as

  1. Educational assessment and educational orientation

    • Tour the Baylor campus and learning spaces to see how we use technology in these spaces and discuss some of our challenges
    • Meet with my LMS and testing administrator to get an idea of how we have implemented online assessments and talk about some of the medical board examinations for students
    • See how virtual reality is used in our simulation center for student learning and assessment
  2. Human-Computer Interaction and eLearning
    • Meet with my application development team to get a feel for what we develop and the HCI factors that influence our UX design.
    • Meet with members from my training team to discuss our approach to eLearning authoring and presentation.  We can talk about some of the challenges we face in this area too.
    • Meet with my LMS administrator to get an idea of the different course designs we have implemented in Blackboard.
  3. Innovation in educational technology
    • Visit to new education core department and Center for Education Innovation. 
  4. Communication and media
    • Meet with the lead of my AV team to talk about our communication and collaboration strategy at Baylor, both internal and with our affiliates in the medical center.
  5. Medicine and education;
    • Be part of an exercise of changing the medical school curriculum.  Working closely with the curriculum deans.
  6. Educational robotics
    • Working closely into the makerspace in the school of health professions.  They use this more in the orthotics program to make designs of prosthetics then print on 3D printers.   Visit of a new simulation space.
  7. Education and Information Society
    • Approach to focus on the different professional groups for medical educators.
Certificado de la estancia: